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The beauty of wood is that it is recyclable. It is the only floor covering you can install, neglect, scratch, dent and cover and still be able to make it look like new again.


We can also provide you with and install new unfinished solid hardwood to be sanded and finished on site. This allows you to pick certain colors and finishes for your floor instead of the set colors and finishes offered by prefinished flooring manufacturers. This procedure takes more time on the job site but it allows you the opportunity to be flexible with interior design.




How often have we checked under an old carpet to see if there’s a hardwood floor waiting to be restored.  Very often older homes have higher quality hardwood begging to be restored.  As long as there is still a “wear layer” these floors can be restored to their original beauty.


We put the same care and attention into refinishing floors as we do installing them.



Features and Benefits


  • With today's technology, you can have a new look that is low maintenance and more durable than finishes produced in the past.
  • The ability to choose, to your liking, the perfect color and sheen.
  • A perfectly smooth and uniform surface.
  • Add on to your existing hardwood, sand & finish the entire floor to look as though it were all part of the original installation.
  • Pull up an old carpet and refinish the floor below.
  • Add to existing hardwood and refinish the whole floor to make it uniform.
  • Sand and refinish an existing solid hardwood floor and change the color to match the new kitchen.


You change with time, so should your floor.



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